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Various Types of Roof Balcony

YOU would want a strong roof and functioning properly. To that end, the choice of material and the balcony can not be arbitrary. Besides that also deserve mention construction. Construction is robust and appropriate to add confidence about the safety factor for the occupants in it.

Another matter of roof covering materials. This one is a lot of variety. Some are modern and there are conventional. Some types of roofing materials, among others:

1. Concrete Roof
Made from a combination of cast iron and concrete. Widely used in modern houses or often known as a minimalist home. Not concrete strong enough to withstand changes in weather. Its construction was very strong.

2. Clay Roof Tile
This material is widely used at home generally. Roof made of clay that were pressed and burned. Sufficient strength. Clay roof tiles needed framework for installation. Tile mounted on a sloping roof. Applying tile installation system of inter-locking or interlocking and binding.

3. Metal tiles
The form sheet, like zinc. Tile gording planted on the roof truss beam, using a screw. Another form of tile sheet. The installation is not much different with clay tiles. Available Size varies, 60-120cm (width), with a thickness of 0.3mm and length between 1.2-12m.

4. Asphalt tile
Raw material this one from a mixture of asphalt and other chemicals. There are two models available in the market. First, the model relies on multiplex flat attached to the frame. Multiplex and order associated with the help of screws. Asphalt tile glued to the board. For the second type, model bumpy, he just bolted on the block gording.

5. Ceramic tile
The basic ingredients are still ceramic tile, but it has undergone the process of finishing the glazing. available in various colors and sizes. Application suitable for modern residential roof balcony. Tile rests on timber frame and concrete.

6. Glass tile
Installation of these materials are only in certain parts of the roof. If you want natural light, use glass tiles in that section. Generally rarely mounted on the front of the house because it is not suitable. Glass tile same size as tiles in general.

7. Tarpaulin
The application not only on the roof of the balcony, but is suitable also for the canopy window. Materials made of solid fabric and plastic sheeting, also elastic. Non-woven fabric attached and resting on an iron frame. Using a screw hook for gripping the wall. By way of installation similar to the screen, easily removable tarpaulin roof-mounted.

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