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Tips to buy the right sofa

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“Sofa is one important element in our house. Sofa generally we use the term quite a long time between 5 to 10 years. Given the price is not cheap, and use a fairly long time, then we should choose the right sofa according to theme and design of the room and in accordance with our personality”

Here are some things to consider to choose the right sofa.

1. Make sure you have measured the room or place where the sofa will be placed. Do not forget to leave a place around the couch if you want to put a small table (side table). 60cm wide to give room for this corner desk.

2. Determine the theme and color of the sofa. If the room has been there then you should follow the theme and color of the existing room. Whereas if the sofa is made for the new room then you can more freely choose a theme and color of the room. But in general, we recommend to choose neutral colors like white, black, beige, khaki, or gray, because the colors are very easy to be paired with other colors in the room. The colors are also long-lasting of trends come and go.

3. Collect pictures that you can get inspiration from magazines, books or the Internet. Of the several options available, reserving only 3-4 design options and make these images as a guide when you are shopping for a sofa.

4. Choosing a fabric sofa. In general, sofa materials can be divided into two kinds. There are made of cotton or material also chennyle. Chennyle material is material which is currently the trend. Unlike ordinary cotton and polyester, materials chennyle has velvety soft fur. This material has so many beautiful patterns can be choose.

5. When you are ready to order a sofa, try the two places with the same quality to compare the price. If you like the quality of a sofa in one place but there is no preferred choice of fabric, then you can purchase fabric separately and then bring it to the couch. This method can save substantial costs.

6. When the sofa should be sent when you are at home. Thus you can simply check a deficiency or damage when delivered and can immediately make a record. As such repairs can be done immediately.

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