Indeed, there is no restriction in choosing colors for the interior. There is no fixed rule about the application of color. Style and the style in interior design is very diverse. There are likely to combine soft tone colors, there are also designers who tend to combine contrasting colors in a “strong design theme,”.

The concept is the reference design the color selection. Without a strong concept, a lot of confusion and indecision in determining color. Colors become one of the parameters that influence the design. The right color to reinforce a design.


In addition to reinforcing the concept of design space, the color also has a psychological effect. According to the literature there who believe in the existence of flow with color therapy. This therapy is an alternative treatment method that uses color and light to balance the body’s energy, both physically and mentally.

Nothing to do with the application of color in interior design. However, some sources recognize the color effect of creating an atmosphere in space. As examples of interior design supermarkets apply bright green color is not without reason. In the food business, green is a symbol of health and fresh food. Therefore, with green, people are believed to be positive to fill the shopping cart.

Thus, an important step before determining the color for your room is the first to answer the following questions, what mood you want created in this space? Do you want to feel warm and cozy? Or want an upbeat atmosphere and live? The answer can be used to determine what color to suit your style and personality, as well as the needs of function space.

The color of the room is also described three basic categories of color, color that is soft, hard and earth-tone. Soft colors include purple, blue, and green, which is psychologically soothing effect and create a calm mood.

This color can also make the room feel more spacious. Hard color including red, orange, and yellow. If you want to form a cheerful feel of space and encourages social interaction, the colors are most suitable. While the earth-tone colors including brown, beige, gray, and taupe, to establish an atmosphere and look of the room an elegant, natural, as well as a modem.

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