NEVER you imagine how powerful the effect of termites in your home? Wardrobe so shattered and all scented damp clothes. Or eat a perforated cabinet rear and the soil mixed with sawdust strewn creates a feeling of disgust.

MORE worse if termites troops attacked our house roof truss that carries the burden of such a heavy ceramic tile. Imagine if hundreds of pieces of tile had collapsed down upon all the troops home only caused termites that cute white.

With a system of manufacturing (assembly) is so efficient and practical, lightweight steel roof truss to meet the demands for time efficiency in the completion of a building.

Manufacturing in this context is a system of assembly is not in the location / related devices mounted point, allowing a very precise accuracy of the various measures that exist in the working drawings.

“However, an efficient manufacturing system and practically no means free from various constraints or shortcomings. Although the assembly has reached perfection and precision are high, other problems have been waiting.

The most common problem is the lack of precision on-line partner level brick or concrete block wall is a place holder easel is lightweight steel roof truss. Thus, the necessary revisions in the form of fillings, or piercing and trimming in the parts that are not level.

In other cases, often found on the frame is bent or a specific steel profile due to carelessness installation. And, the most fatal is the omission in the laying of steel profile position that serves as a batten. It resulted in less neat in tile installation at a later stage.

In addition, the problem becomes the lack of other costs. High prices lightweight steel roof truss installation is that multiple times compared to the wooden roof truss material made from lower-middle class has not been able to enjoy the convenience of the findings of this innovative architecture.

However, on the other hand, should also calculated the value of benefits from the use of lightweight steel materials rather than wood materials are often disturbed and require termite treatment and even a comprehensive replacement of a certain period.

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