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Reforming New Homes

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property Reforming New HomesReforming New Homes – Organize a new home is a very fun activity. We can design what our new home state. Eitss, but wait. Do not get in arranging the new home will make us forget the aspects that need to be considered, such as comfort and health.

There are several things to consider in laying out a new home, such as the selection of the location of each room, the arrangement of furniture in the room objects, lighting, and circulation in the room.

In the selection of the location, the bedrooms should not be dealing with the other bedrooms. Should not be placed in a bedroom above the garage or even under the stairs. This can lead to health problems due to lack of air circulation. Placement of furniture in the bedroom should also be considered, eg do not put a mirror in front of the bed because it can interfere with sleep.

Placement of the kitchen and dining room also needs to be considered. Let’s not put the kitchen or dining room under the bathroom or toilet. It is meant when the bathroom plumbing leak, will not affect the processing of any food meal. Placement of the stove must also be considered. Do not put the stove right in front of the window because the wind can affect the burner flame. In addition, the stove or kitchen should not be directly visible from the living room, so as not to disturb the guests who came and we were able to cook comfortably.

Then, the arrangement of furniture in the new home should also be considered. For example, the arrangement of chairs in the living room. Living room chairs should be made to face so that we can interact well with our guests. In addition, the living room does not need to be filled with lots of furniture and ornaments that have the impression of vast living room, especially the living room is actually narrow.

For trend followers, the selection of furniture is the trend also noted in laying out a new home. Suppose that the trend is a silver-colored furniture, then selected the color silver. Or it could be aligned with the new paint color.

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