TO become a residential deal, a home must have a lot of space with their respective functions. Certainly, the elements contained in each room also has different functions to suit interior design.

Lighting is one of the important elements related to the function of lighting in a room. Because light is a source of lighting is not natural (artiifisial) but is very important in supporting the function of a room. By choosing the right light, the purpose and function of a space will be realized and as expected

To choose a good light, must consider the elements around the room, so there is no conflict between the ornamentation that made the room so no unsightly eye. Options lights should be adjusted to the needs of the room. That is, if the room was large certainly needed a lamp that can light the room evenly. So no, just only one lamp in the middle of the room.

Beyond that. lights must be adjusted to the atmosphere of the room. For example, to study room lights should be bright, but for home theater lights may dim for the light beam does not interfere with the contrast of the screen should not be too dazzled TV.Lampu because it will damage the eye. However, the quality of lighting still need to be considered in order to provide the appropriate color in the room, so it does not seem stiff. Conformity with the room lights really need to be considered for occupant comfort at home. In the future for the house lights will be put forward a minimalist style, stylish, yet energy efficient

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