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Preparation to build carport (Part 2)

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Carport very important function is to provide space for vehicles to have their own space and separate from the activities of the home owners. Carport design and decoration should be considered when going to build so do not waste time and money.

Consider the following seven things that the carport can function optimally.

4. Construction and Materials Strong Floor

Carport floor construction should use steel reinforcement of concrete. Rather than regular grout. Iron combined with 5-10cm long. Construction is to make the floor able to withstand the weight of the vehicle. Carport floor also avoid the problem of collapsed / cracked.

If you want to use a cast cement, lined with floor hardener. Function is to bind the ingredients and give the power of the load floor that would bear. Sturdy and not easily cracked.

Another coating material is a special ceramic floor carport. Slip resistant. Not slippery in wet and dry conditions. For natural stone, rough-textured choose. Preferably, the coating is to prevent mossy stone.

5. Note the Drainage

Carport also requires proper water disposal system. There are two sources of waste water. First, the overflow of rain water. Second, the former laundry water. In the canopy, you need to provide horizontal and vertical gutters in diameter ± 2inci. While to the floor, make a kind of rope water water got to the road with a width of 2cm.

Adjust the slope of the roof and floor as well. For example, for polycarbonate canopy slope is 2-3%. Similarly, the angle of the floor, about 27 ° or 2-3% of the length of the floor. Of the entire pipe installation, you need to build a continuous discharge path to the city sewers or wells in the yard.

6. Select the material is sufficient canopy cover

Canopy or roof is the most visible part of the design of the carport. For example, by using concrete portal structure, not with lattice tempered glass, hollow steel frame or closed polycarbonate. Each of the existing roof model plus and minus.

Typically, the model canopy will determine the future of materials used. Perhaps the same as floor and wall materials, roof too. There are glass, plastic, metal, tiles, polycarbonate, or concrete.

Of the entire model, you need to select the appropriate facade design, ease of maintenance, and prices available. Preferably, avoid excessive build carport so it does not fit with the look of the house.

7. Determine the Budget and Find Reference Designs

To build a carport, generally would cost around Rp 5-25juta. These prices are heavily influenced by the choice of structure and materials used. When funds are limited, the focus back to the main functions of the carport which is to protect the vehicle from the heat and rain. Also ensure solid and safe flooring material crushed vehicle wheels.

If the funds are there, you can just search for references carport from magazines, books, television, and internet. Consider a design that is built, the type or form of the structure, and choice of canopy material. So also, about the arrangement of lights and ornaments suitable for display.

After that, you can discuss the example of the carport with the architect or contractor that you trust. Ask for advice from him regarding the function and construction. Also budget costs incurred later.

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