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Playing motive makes the room more beautiful

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The motive in making the room more living space. However, one applying the motif actually makes the room was not pretty sight.

Today many people choose to decorate his house with a plain-paced style that minimizes unnecessary ornament, festive colors, up to a certain style. However, it’s hard to escape completely from the pattern or motif on the interior. Without it, the room was bland and less life!

The motive was not only identical to the pattern on the bedspread or curtains. Wall-coated wallpapers, painted wall effects, fabric sofas, cushions, tablecloths, until the carpet to give my motive in a room. With so many things that contribute motive, need special tricks to blend eye-catching motifs.

Many Point
Giving motif on the interior elements are important, not just for the exquisite beauty.

First, he could become the focus (focal point) in a room. A piece of wall that given the pattern of “busy” and bold colors, guaranteed to rivet all eyes are looking. Moreover, if this in a space that is almost monochrome.

Second, the function of the motive is as giver-dimensional space. With certain motives, you can sense whether the room you enter is broad, narrow, high, or low. Motif of vertical lines on the wall, for example, gives the impression of greater space.

Third, a motif serves as a cover “defective” on the wall. Stucco wall that is not flat, or fine cracks as if out of sight when you add the motifs on the walls.

Customize Size
In choosing, the form of motive does not matter. You like gingham, polka-dotted, flowers, or abstract, all legal applied to space. What is noteworthy is the size of the motif. In general, the type of motive only be classified as major motifs and small motifs. Each species cause different effects.

In a large motif, which contains the color will become the dominant color in a room. Because of that, really watch when determining the color of this great motive, whether it is the color you want for the entire space. Major motif is also only suitable for large room. Only in a room that is roomy enough alone form of motive would not “cut off” by the furniture. For the same reason, this motif also less fit for the room that has many windows and doors.

Small motifs favored because it is relatively more easily combined-matching. From a distance, he will be seen as one color only, making it easy for you to put the color, even another motive. For a tiny room, this is the appropriate type of motive. Small motifs that seemed almost innocent illusion this will cause the room is larger than actual size. Small motif can also function “eliminate” sharp corners in the room.

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