The living room is the determinant and the first impression of the overall assessment of the house. If the living room does not look neat, then the assessment of people will immediately assume the occupants of the house was like that character. For those of you who happen to not have a living room large enough, do not be discouraged. To achieve a comfortable living room, does not only require foresight, but also finesse and intelligence.

Furniture is sleek
The first thing to do, is to determine the types of furniture and accessories that will be used. Try to select a sofa, table and chairs are sized with a design that is not complicated (simple). Furniture is symmetrical and not a lot of ornaments, will reduce the impression of excessive. If necessary, seek the kind of furniture that slender and petite. Can also use two sofas with transparent glass table, wood or rattan chairs the sleek design.

Color composition commensurate
Combine paint the living room wall with the room accessories such existing support. Find a matching color to the type of furniture. Mix and match the composition of the room, is one way to add more beautiful atmosphere. The combination of colors and materials are used, sometimes adding the living room feels more alive. Through color uniformity, it is expected that a relatively small room to be impressed with relief.

Perform color game
Impression of relief can also be tricked by a game of soft colors, like white, beige, ivory, yellow, lime and turquoise. These colors are generally easily combined with various kinds of furniture. In order to give a touch more dynamic and visually appealing, you can add bright colors, like red or lime green.

Use small accessories
Additionally, set in the living room accessories that does not impede traffic and safe for children. Do not place shelves or cabinets in the living room of your narrow. Just use small accessories that match the color of the room, if you want to create a mini living room more beautiful.

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