“Take advantage of your backyard to greet the guests when gathering. Use a cloth collection in a closet, then play games with creativity”

Backyard is transformed into a lively and unique entertainment. Look at the warehouse, who knows there are bamboo chairs that have been long forgotten. Sprinkle a piece of beautiful brightly colored patterned fabric as a base, add a little pillows with colors and shapes are interesting as a backrest.

See, in an instant garden you already have a couch that is ready to welcome the arrival of relatives and friends. Put a chair under a shady tree as a shade, and do not forget to add a touch of flowers here and there as a sweetener.

Furthermore, do not be confused to find the appropriate tools. Bamboo stalk or handle of the torch can be used as a unique place as a background, as well as bucket watering of plants that can switch the function of a vase of flowers to strengthen the atmosphere of the park.

Spirit Gifts

Serve drinks in cups old-fashioned to give the feel of nostalgia, and use cinnamon sticks as a flavor enhancer. Also tuck a tiny leaf on a saucer and a flower on the tray as a sweetener.

To serve small snacks, use a tiered bamboo containers and pinned the tiny flowers on top of the lid. Then, put on a tiny table with a matching base and woven coconut palm leaves. Not hard, right?

At the banquet, use a long table for decoration to perform optimally. Small tables can be compiled into one if you do not have a long table. As a substitute for table runner, use a woven palm leaf and leaves above the neutral-colored tablecloth to give atmosphere romantic.

As a binder napkins, winding piece of leaf on a white napkin roll widths would give the impression of modern nan at your banquet. To be more prominent on the charm cheer banquet feast this time, put a fresh flower on top of each bowl of soup.

Centerpiece of a series of twigs and a variety of brightly colored flowers will certainly become a byword among the invitation. Tie the twigs to form a triangle along the desired by using a wire or glue, colorful flowers and tuck here and there.

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