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Glass Walled Shelter

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Although not dominate the entire wall of occupancy, glass has become part of the architecture of the house. So, if the glass-walled house is already becoming a trend? Glass-walled house is not a trend, because the house is designed using glass as wall material is usually applied based on the needs and place. The use of glass walls is also due to developing a modern style that has begun to break out in Indonesia. As we know, more modern design leads to the glass material.

“Therefore, the use of glass in the house can not be measured by what percentage of glass material that must be applied to the walls of the house. Because, all tailored to the needs of the house owner”

Speaking of glass walls that are adaptive in the country, probably more because Indonesia has increasingly followed the modern style. Application of glass walls in the house will make the dwelling look luxurious and modern.

No wonder, the glass material is quite expensive so valuable because it is prone to rupture, so that the crafters have to rack my brain for the glass to modify this type of material that is not easily broken. Make a glass-walled house is quite expensive compared to brick or concrete-walled dwelling. So, when you want to apply the glass on the wall of the house, should you pay attention to the needs of these materials.

If it is not too important, we recommend using only glass in certain parts. As we know, glass is often used as window and door materials combined with wood or sills. But today, the glass into a lot of functions. One of them as a replacement bulkhead between spaces.

As for the glass as exterior architectural elements, among others, applied to the face of a building, roof, skywalks, entrances, revolving door, canopy, winter garden and glass house crop cultivation. All that allows sunlight to enter freely. Exterior appearance became more unique look.

As for the interior, the glass used on the staircase, hall walking, and the wall. Use lots of glass as the basic building materials have to compromise with other aspects, eg the requirement for coolness and heat. Often occurring in the architecture of the greenhouse effect was reversed, such as heat in the winter and cool in summer.

Luckily been no progress in glass-making industry that also provides benefits to us. One example is, glass with selective quality of the light spectrum that drain into the house without risking or giving harm to the occupants of the house and the contents of other houses. Well, whether you are now getting interested own a house with glass architecture?

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