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Fresh with Green Color

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green kitchen Fresh with Green Color“The green color is identical to the fruit that brings freshness. This color is properly used on a child’s room”

When arranging her bedroom, which most thought was about the color. Many are confused determine what the appropriate color for the walls and furniture. Although many began to dare to use the colorful like orange, yellow, and red, but not a few who liked the colors more “down to earth”.

Fresh Colors
Green could be an alternative as a color in the child’s room. Green is a quiet blend of blue and yellow are warm. Unique blend of these two properties make good green color seen by the eye so it does not make the eyes tired quickly.

Among so stout kind of green, lime green (green apple) seems to be most preferred. This color can lead to the freshness and spirit, just like the fresh lime and apple fruit.

By symbolic, associated with lime green circle, which has a balanced nature, dynamic, and perfect. Due to the nature of that, this color-space ideal applied to in discussion or meeting space ;where we must make an important decision .

Give Accents
If it choose using green color, the next step should be done is to determine which elements that must be “sprinkled” this green. The easiest is to use furniture that is dominated by green color. But do not forget to include accents, such as white color, so that children do not get bored in his room.

Peek accessories
Nursery accessories can also be given so as not to appear empty. Accessories that is given should not be too “heavy”, both in terms of form and material. The design should be simple and not filled with carvings. In terms of materials, better use accessories made of plastic or other lightweight materials.

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