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Dream On Top Home Park

Who says making the park can only be done in the yard alone? Roof on any house you can use a garden ideal.

Usually, not located in the upper house is only used as a clothesline or bedroom. However, it was not also be used as a park, you know! Indeed, there is no ideal size for a garden in an area not.

Which must be considered is the working floor at the beginning of creation. “Aqua proofing and drainage must be true. Selection of appropriate plant species is also the key to making the garden at No, “.

Andie also recommend to choose plants that have the character of heat resistance or full sun (full sun). “Just choose a heat-resistant crops,” he continued. In addition to full sun, choose plants that are also robust to withstand the pressure and the wind blows.

Type of crop size could frangipani, cactus, pine bali, or other. As for his filler can be selected Sansiviera or Australian grass.

Furthermore, treatment plants for the garden not very dependent on location of the house. If the location is in an area that exposure to light is too strong, such as coastal areas, should water it frequently. However, if you are in an area that was not too hot, water it 2 times a day was enough. Which require attention only at the beginning of it. For example, plants were given a kind of buffer to be able to stand more stable. Once stabilized, they can be a protector and filter the air pressure.

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