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Caring for wooden doors

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“When buying wood door, get a cheap price is what you want, in addition to a type of wood and good design, especially with finishing an impressive luxury. Surely you think will be easy to maintain”

But unfortunately, sometimes less mature plan. As a result, a myriad of problems you had to endure.

“Caring” has become a liability that should be implemented, let alone to the door of the house that every day held. To care for a wooden door, at least you should know, for what treatment. Yes, it certainly answered quickly so as not damaged. But the damage that how?

People assume, treat the wood door is identical to the care of finishing outside the home, which is to provide protection for the wood more durable. But this kind of care less guarantee the durability of the door, because sometimes the accuracy factor, such as wood elements and the influence of local environment, less attention. Treatment of wood doors is to protect the wood from outside influences, in addition to wood doors add a nice appearance. However, timber treatment is not simply done from the outside, due to need preservation and drying wood. While the length of time the use of wood, depending on the type of wood and quality preservation.

Basically all the wood that has been cut down, in it there is a wood destroying organism at any time will damage the wood from the inside. So if we only do the treatment from the outside only, destruction from within by the powder dry wood, termites, and marine worm attack could still happen.

Depending on the gate condition
If the door of the wood used from quality materials, which have undergone a process of drying and preservation, the treatment is relatively mild. Doors stay was kept to a durable and still look new, no squeaks, and do not often slammed. But if you use inferior materials, you will face a myriad of problems, ranging from finishing fade, attack wood destroying organisms such as termites, dry wood powder, rot fungi, to the cracks due to shrinkage, even the doors can not be closed due to expansion or twisted. Not to mention when you use the wrong materials in the wrong place, so in addition to treatment, it is also necessary repairs for damage does not worsen. But it all can be prevented, if since the beginning to planing are correct.

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