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cleaning house Caring CarpetsCaring Carpets – Having a carpet in the rooms of the house will bring good impression. Carpets can also add a warm accent to the interior of your home. Carpet is one of the ornaments that you can apply at home and make your home look beautiful. Carpet has many designs and colors, so you can choose the carpet that matches the theme of your home interior. Carpets need special care, so that your carpet will last longer. And, now we will discuss some tips to keep your carpet durable.

First, the house needs good circulation, so the room will get enough air. Good circulation can affect your carpet care because, carpets also need good air circulation so that the carpet can be long-lasting. Good air circulation can also reduce dust in your carpet, so the carpet you will always be clean and also to keep from musty odor generated from the carpet. Although it can reduce the dust on the carpet, but you have to clean the carpet with a vacuum cleaner. So, it will be thoroughly clean.

Second, in addition you use a vacuum cleaner to clean the carpet, you also should wash your carpet. You can wash your carpets at least six months. This serves to keep your carpet of bacteria and fungi are often stuck in the carpet.

Third, you have to keep the carpet from direct sunlight. If the carpet is exposed to direct sunlight, it will make the color fade rug. And, it will not look nice, so we have to keep the color of the carpet in order to always be able to enhance your home’s interior.

Furthermore, if the carpet is stained, you can clean it with water and a cloth which has a high absorption. High absorbency fabric can help you in drying the carpet fast. Later, a cloth that has been dipped in a little water on your carpet. But, do not clean the opposite direction because it will make your carpet fibers are damaged. You have to wipe in the same direction.

In short, if you use the carpet as a decoration to beautify your home interior, you have to take care of him. By treating the carpet, the carpet will make you become more durable.

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