Changing the decor in the home become more modern could give the impression that different in a room. Display will look more stylish with modern decor.

Talking about modern decoration, the ‘simplicity’ is a word that is suitable to represent the modern impression. Simple is not always boring style with clean lines, neutral colors and geometric angles. Modern decor in the home can give the impression of a warm and very stylish.

So how do I? You only need to select the items with a clear line. Here’s the basic idea to create a modern decor in your home.

The first thing to consider is to make it all seem simple. Simple does not mean unadorned walls or desks without accessory, just get rid of stuff that makes the room look full. Moreover, a study suggests that the room is full and cluttered can make people become stressed.

It is important to consider in making modern decor is a function of the room. Not only use the items with a clear line of minimal decorations and accessories, but the room must also be functional. It means a room should be used for other functions. For example, a kitchen with modern decor not only be used for cooking only, but can be used also for the task.

Modern word certainly correlated with technology. Therefore, the electronic device that has a high end technology will give the room a more modern impression. Plasma TV with built-in DVD and home theater modern style will make the room look more sophisticated.

Empty space is needed to create a modern decor. Make sure you have enough free space in the room. If the room in the house is quite narrow, so you can create the illusion by using colors, materials and furniture. You can also make a big window with a piece of the firm so that air can circulate properly so the impression of a more open form when in fact not.

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