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Arrange furniture in the apartment

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Furniture and Interior Design of an apartment for functional and aesthetic at the same time have a good image, linked to limited area of an apartment:

1. Needs Inventory. Make an inventory of the needs of any space you need. For example, living room, dining room, bedroom, den and kitchen. Because the apartment is limited to broad, multi-function is the key. For example, a reading room can be combined with the dining room or corner of the living room used as study space. Open layout of the space with one another can also be used as reliable tips. The size of furniture (furniture) should also be proportionate to the total area of the room. If the room tend to be small, select furniture that is not too large is right for your home interior design.

2. Colors Interior. Color and pattern is also a key wall in a narrow room deal. Selection of bright color, good for a small apartment area. Color accents can be applied to one area of the wall so the room can be more in character and varied. Use a large mirror also can help make the room seem more spacious. All this is supported by good lighting, which can be either natural lighting (natural lighting) as the lighting from the sun or artificial lighting (artificial lighting), such as table lamps, hanging lamp, standing lamp and down light.

3. Effectiveness Furniture. Try to keep what belongs not much and choose who is really needed. Due to a limited extent, became a place for storage is not much. Take note select the object interior. Only items with high sentimental value that can be saved. One strategy that can be done is to optimize the storage places like space under the bed. Another tactic is to make the cupboard with full height from floor to ceiling. With this vertical approach, the use of space will be much more leverage.

4. Character of Inhabitants. Character and habits of neatness can affect apartment dwellers. If the occupant is consumptive and less neat, it will be difficult for an interior design to perform optimally.

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