July 2014
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Windy Carport

Air moves from high temperatures toward lower temperatures. This simple principle can be applied to the design inspiration in residences. It is helpful if the carport as an area with enough hot air arrangements applying these design principles.

Air holes are present on the left side of the carport. To create the wind, the hole must be balanced with the other holes are parallel or intersect. So it is in this modern carport.

In order for the temperature of rapid heat down, right side of the carport is only limited by the columns supporting the roof. Heat down from polycarbonate was at least able to be deployed. This is because the surface of the roof is quite high and there is a slight opening between the beams with polycarbonate.

Treatment design distinctive functions of each area is quite interesting. To get to the door mounted different materials and roof covering is lower. The roof of both limited by a high white gate and beams.

To create the effect of the dimensions of the field, prepared a number of artificial lighting. Some floodlights installed at certain points at the bottom to emitted upward. At the front of the carport outside the gate was placed spotlights leading to the floor surface. This is so that light can be reflected.

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